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Primetime | What are the Digital Humanities?

Gerber Digital Humanities

On Thursday, November 6, Bethel’s University Digital Library Manager, Kent Gerber, discussed the vigorously debated topic of digital humanities that involves applying computing technologies towards arts and humanities projects and the study and critique of digital technologies using the methods of the humanities. To help make sense of this broad concept and encourage discussion he presented definitions, a brief history, examples of digital humanities projects and tools, and the communities of practice that already exist in higher education institutions, including Bethel.

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Primetime | The Impact of Interfaith Interaction on Moral and Spiritual Development

Mayhew Interfaith Interaction

Marion Larson (ENL), Sara Shady (PHI), and Amy Poppinga (HIS) are working with Dr. Matt Mayhew on a project they are designing for faculty regarding integrating interfaith study and experience into their courses.
Dr. Mayhew, Associate Professor of Higher Education at New York University is interested in how collegiate conditions, educational practices, and student experiences influence learning and democratic outcomes. He has received several grants for exploring the impact of college on student outcomes, and presented his research on the impact of interfaith interaction on students moral and spiritual development on Tuesday, October 28.

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Edgren Scholars | Invertebrate Biodiversity in Reconstructed Grasslands

Port Cyporan Edgren Scholars Insect Biodiversity

The Edgren Scholars team of Dr. Jeff Port and Chad Cyboran investigated the relationship between plant diversity and the diversity, abundance, and ecological complexity of the invertebrate taxa, particularly insects, present within different side-by-side grassland reconstructions. They presented some of their initial results in the Bethel Library on Thursday, October 23, 2014 entitled Invertebrate Biodiversity in Reconstructed Grasslands: Do Bugs Really Care Where They Live?

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