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Meet Kaylin

Say hello to the newest member of the BU library staff, Kaylin Creason. Kaylin started last October in her new role as the Interlibrary Loan and Acquisitions Supervisor. But this is not her first encounter with the BU library. She was initially hired as an Interlibrary Loan student worker her freshman year of Fall 2011. As a student, when she first heard the news about her new job, she admits googling what Interlibrary Loan even meant. Now, she is the one who explains to the new student workers what integral part the department plays in each student’s’ academic career here at Bethel.


To get to know Kaylin on deeper level I decided to ask her a series of very important questions:

How do you keep sane during these Minnesotan winters?

Well, I’m one of the few people who actually has a window in their office… so I tend to look out the window often. When I go home I like to snuggle with a blanket and my dog by the fireplace

What is the title of the last book you read or listened to?

I just finished reading Sabriel which a friend recommended. She said it was her favorite when she was kid so I thought I would give it try.

What app can you not live without?

I cannot live without spotify. It’s what gets me through my long commutes

What word do you almost always misspell?

I almost always misspell inconvenience. And I type it often!

What food can you not stand?

Cauliflower. I always think I should give it another try, and I’ll even dip it in something… but no, it’s gross

What is your default joke?

What is brown and Sticky? A stick. People think I am about to tell a great joke…

What are you currently binge-watching?


Do you know any random handy dandy tips or tricks?

This is the best tip! If your necklace is knotted up just stick a safety pin through the knot, clasp it shut, and jingle the pin around. It will loosen the knot! Also, always carry a tide-stick-to-go with you. You and your friends will be grateful. I love those things!

Would you rather hear a constant buzzing noise or have the same song stuck in your head?

I would rather have the same song stuck in my head. It would be even better if it was a movie soundtrack.

Would you rather read one sentence of a book a day or read the same book over and over again?

Read one sentence a day. It would take forever.

Any random facts you would like us to know?

I have had the same library card since I was 5 years old


If you have any Interlibrary Loan or Acquisitions questions for Kaylin, please feel free to stop by the library, send her an email, or give her a call.

Kaylin Creason


Have you met Lynda?

[Today's guest post is from Scott Strand of the Teaching and Learning Technology Team]

Have you met Lynda?

Well I have and, if I’m not being too bold or forward, I have “fallen in love.” You see I am what you might call a “life long learner.” It’s not that I am the intelligent intellectual type, but rather I suffer from ADHD and in part this is played out by me wanting (needing) to learn, investigate, or impulsively try new things. [sorry the phone just rang so now I have to refocus my thoughts] Oh, right – I used to have to pay to spend time with Lynda, but now with Bethel’s help I can spend time with Lynda all I want for free.

With Lynda I can feed my geek side, my creative side, and my “I need to know how to …” side. Some of this is related to what I do at Bethel in the area of educational technology and some of it is related to what I choose to do on my own – photography, drawing, and iOS apps. Just to be clear, I spend time with Lynda for Bethel related items on Bethel time and personal stuff on my own time.

Lynda is not just about geeky stuff (software and hardware). Lynda also has topics related to education, HR, marketing, business, and writing. So no matter how you want to play with or get to know Lynda, will have something to peak your interest. So go ahead, take the bold step to go out there and meet Lynda, your life won’t be the same after meeting her.

If you want to learn more about come to our panel discussion in the BUL on Thursday January 22 at 11am. You can also check her out at There is a tutorial available at in case you need help setting up your account, or you can contact TLT at, 651-638-6500.

LEGOs in the Library: A Research Prize Rundown


Our bright new LEGO display is bound to shake your winter blues.  But what exactly are these LEGOs all about?  You’ve visited the Library Research Prize website, gawked at the display, skimmed a table tent, but you still might have a few more questions.  We’ve answered some of our most common questions that will give the prize a little context, and might give you a leg-up on the competition.  Check out the Research Prize’s roots, rules, and pro-tips below!

So what exactly is this prize?

The Library Research Prize is an annual award given to recognize an outstanding demonstration of…well, research. It takes skill to craft a quality project–skills that are often understated and deserve to be honored.

Who gives the prize?

The Friends of the Bethel University Library–a group of individuals who love libraries and learning so much, they donate $250 each year for this prize.

Why do they give the prize out?

To highlight excellent research, of course, but also to highlight how library resources leads to quality research.  Thousands of dollars are spent on library resources each year–they are the unsung heroes your tuition dollars go toward.

So is this a $250 scholarship?

More like $250 cash money.

I’m really just here for the pro-tips.

Here’s one: write a really good essay. When you submit your research project, you must include a 750 word essay on your research process.  Be really detailed, and talk about library stuff. Talk about what library resources you used and why you used them.  If you used a database, what search terms did you use?  And how did all of this help you understand your project more?  The essay is almost as important as the actual research project itself–so be thoughtful and detailed when writing it.  Don’t be like this guy.

Can I submit a team project?

Yes, but: BOTH members of the team must have contributed equally to the research project, BOTH must work on the essay submission, BOTH must be present if they are to receive the award, and BOTH must be aware that they will only get $125 each.

Yes, but….why the LEGOs?

Why not? :)

Have any other questions?

Visit the Library Research Prize website again, or talk to a librarian!

Special thanks to Earleen Warner, Treasurer of the Friends of the Bethel University Library, for her inside knowledge!