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Primetime | National Poetry Month – A Celebration of Poetry

National Poetry Month

On Thursday, April 17, faculty, staff, and students gathered to enjoy tea and scones, wax poetic and hear the winners of Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday Sonnet Contest read their sonnets. English Professor Thomas Becknell announced the winners and the celebration continued with readings by Barrett Fisher, Jim Hurd, Dan Nimlos, April Schmidt, Ruben Rivera and more with music by Krin McMillen, Dan Sandberg, Shatera Graham and Taylor Bothun!

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Primetime | Cuba Explorer : Searching for the Present Reality

Cuba Explorer

On Tuesday, April 15, Jay and Conor Rasmussen presented their images and impressions of a country thought to be “off-limits” to U.S. citizens. Their two week adventure this past winter exposed them to the wonders and realities of Cuba. From state approved tours filled with the “party line” about economic, social, cultural, historical and political issues to less censored conversations with typical Cubans, you won’t want to miss their images and insights.

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Primetime | Highlights from Studying the Media in Kenya

Kenya Study Abroad

On Thursday, April 10, students who studied media in Kenya during Interim 2014 with Dr. Phyllis Alsdurf spoke about how the experience changed them and their outlook on the world.

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Co-sponsored by Faculty Development & Friends of the BU Library