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Com Europe Term Lands at the University of Vienna

ET15 at University of Vienna

25 Bethel students have descended upon Vienna. Europe Term 15 is well underway with students finishing their 2nd week of German class at the University.  In addition to language classes, students have toured the city, studied Intercultural and Group Communication, eaten lots of good food, swam in the Danube, hiked the Vienna Woods, toured Medtronic-Vienna, traveled to places like Bratislava and Budapest, shared meals with international students, and have even seen an opera at the world-famous Vienna Opera House.

From here ET15 moves on to Prague in the Czech Republic and Krakow in Poland. ET15 is a semester-long program that brings students to Europe to study 15 credits of Intercultural Communication, Group Communication, Language and Culture Area Study, and Communication-Technology and Society.

What if we were able to “sense” our Facebook feed?

TED Talk David Eagleman: Can we create new senses for humans?

David Eagleman presents a fascinating TEDTalk where he proposes the idea of using electronic data to add to the way we “sense” our world. Just as a blind person is able to learn how to make sense of bumps on his or her fingertips while reading braille, or a deaf person is able to translate the digital impulses from a cochlear implant imbedded into the inner ear, very soon, we could make sense of digital data  communicated to us through a piece of equipment connected to our bodies.

This means we could get real time, streaming, sensory feedback about all sorts of digital information, including the state of operations in our factory, the stock market, trending Twitter tags, and even the pheromones or heart rate of the person we are talking with.  The implications for communication are even more intriguing. For instance, getting real time, continuous information from big data, streamed to us through patterned vibrations on our device, would provide a subtle, background sensory input similar to what we get from our nose, ears, or eyes.  This kind of information could help us make decisions based on what “the mob” views as positive or important.  But is big data really the best way to make decisions?  How would this change the way we perceive and experience our world? What happens if someone is able to manipulate the digital information, and ultimately, change the way “the mob” perceives and responds to reality?

And what about individuals? Sherry Turkle talks about a “collaborative self”, where identity is formed and shaped by the multiple layers of digital connections we have with friends through texting, snapping, and tweeting. What are the implications to our identity if we are able to “feel” not only what our friends are thinking –in real time–but also what a global audience is thinking or feeling?

And what about our cognitive processing? While we already have learned to multi-task information from our natural senses (i.e. hearing and seeing and tasting at the same time), what are the implications to how we think, or what we think about, if our brains are trained to continually process a new sense–one that is  streaming real-time big data? What are the implications to our already fractured ability to focus? What are the implications of the way we interact with people? Can we truly focus on the here and now, to the person sitting in front of us, if we have this constant stream of information coming to us from our sixth, digital sense?

Clearly, the idea of adding a new digital sense to our existing five natural senses is completely intriguing. Please check out the TEDTalk. It is definitely worth the 20 minutes. And, who knows, before long, you won’t have to sit and read a blog like this–you can just feel it as the digital vibrations flow through the background of your mind.

Who Chooses Our Friends? Genetics, Biology or our Communication Charm?

Do you ever wonder how your friend knows what you are thinking? Or maybe why they laugh at the same jokes or cry at the same movies?  And maybe why they even end up looking just like you? If you are a Communication major, the answer is simple: communication.  The more we communicate, the more similar we become and the better we can predict a friend’s response to a stupid joke or an animated movie.

Well, maybe we have had it wrong this whole time. According to this recent article, friends actually have similar genetic make ups.  That’s right, “Your friends don’t just resemble you superficially, they resemble you genetically,” said Nicholas A. Christakis, a physician and social scientist at Yale University and a co-author of the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

If this is true, then genetics becomes “a subtle breeze in the background” as we go through Welcome Week, Youth Group, and even Facebook, choosing who we will call friend and who will never be more than a pleasant acquaintance.

To make matters even more interesting, another study has found that we choose friends who have very different immune systems. Friends tend to compliment each other’s systems. What this means is that hanging out with your friend has certain immunological advantages. “If you are immune to pathogen “X,” and your friend is immune to pathogen “Y,” neither of you can catch either the “X” or “Y” disease from the other.”

While it is comforting that hanging out with friends is both safe and somewhat genetically awkward, it does beg the question–how important is communication when it comes to establishing friendships? Are friends really about sharing secrets and supporting us through thick and thin? Or are they more about keeping our genetic makeup secure as we venture out into those social unknowns? So next time you hit it off with someone who seems like he or she could be friendship material, think about the enormous genetic and biological implications that lie behind your next move.

Competitive Marketing Summer Internships Available




Haworth Marketing + Media contacted us about their summer internship applications. These internships appear to be positions that will provide good exposure in a wide variety of positions (see brief descriptions below). Here is the site dedicated to descriptions and application steps: The application deadline is 3/9. The application includes posting a 7 second video, a 200 word essay, and resume. There is also an open house the Friday before the application deadline. These positions are open to Juniors (going into their senior year), graduating Seniors, and grad students.

What does a broadcast intern do?
A: The broadcast intern will assist the buying team with managing TV and radio schedules for many clients in local markets across the country, as well as work with the traffic department getting instructions to stations and networks. In addition, they will participate in a group intern project throughout the summer – this will be presented to the agency at the end of your internship.

What does a digital intern do?
A: The digital intern would assist the team in pulling comScore site traffic numbers for partners, competitive spending, digital reporting numbers, screenshots and pulling together POVs on potential media partners. In addition, they will participate in a group intern project throughout the summer – this will be presented to the agency at the end of your internship.

What does a graphic design intern do?
A: The design intern will assist in producing kick ass graphic materials (static, web and video), work with all internal teams to ensure brand standards are met, contribute to social media, and all sorts of design awesomeness in between. In addition, they will participate in a group intern project throughout the summer – this will be presented to the agency at the end of your internship.

What does a media insights intern do?
A: The media insights intern will make their colleagues smarter by providing research and insights into competitors, demographics, media usage, media trends or anything else that they might need. Media insights is the starting point of every campaign or project. Bonus…by the end of the internship, the intern will be a trivia pro with all of their newly acquired knowledge! In addition, they will participate in a group intern project throughout the summer – this will be presented to the agency at the end of your internship.

What does an out-of-home intern do?
A: The OOH intern will help bring big ideas to life on the street. In addition to becoming fluent in industry lingo, you’ll participate in brainstorms, support the development of recommendations, interact with vendors and play a key role in the execution process – all while making a name for yourself on one of the OOH industry’s leading teams. In addition, they will participate in a group intern project throughout the summer – this will be presented to the agency at the end of your internship.

What does a strategy intern do?
A: The Minneapolis strategy intern will assist in awesomeness. You’ll not only get to peek behind the curtain of how a media plan can help solve a business challenge – but you will actually help inform the plan by pulling research, costing out plan options, developing target audiences, brainstorming break-through media ideas and thinking about recommendations on optimal mix of media. In addition, you’ll work with all the other interns on a group project throughout the summer. This project will be presented to the agency (no pressure) at the end of your internship.

What does a video activation intern do?
A: The video activation intern will assist in development of broadcast media plans across all agency client business, learn about and manage video budget/posting documents while supporting the video activation team at Haworth. In addition, they will participate in a group intern project throughout the summer – this will be presented to the agency at the end of your internship.

Project Footsteps Intern

Program Operations Intern January 1-May 30

Project Footsteps:  The Program Outreach Intern assures the proper utilization of resources available including materials, curriculum, experiences and more that provide support to active programs and facilitators. This position requires not only hard work but also an extreme passion for the mission of Project Footsteps to “inspire, empower and prepare youth and communities to be change agents, social leaders and volunteers.”

Duties include, but are not limited to:
–Assist with curriculum development and implementation
–Assist with promoting the organization events
–Build partnerships with schools and other organizations
–Contacting businesses within an area of an event for promotion
–Assuring events and programs are taking place
–Develop, implement, and execute events
–Ensure enough participants for events
–Facilitate programs if/when needed

• Willingness to work a set schedule but remain flexible
• Well developed organization skills with a solid orientation to detail.
• A self-starter with a strong desire to learn. Strong commitment to young people and an understanding of factors affecting their lives
• The ability to provide reliable support to young people in times of stress and act with integrity
• Good organizational skills
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team
• Patience, curiosity and flexibility; a sense of adventure and a willingness to try new things
• Formal communication skills for presentations and report writing

If Interested,please email your resume to

Twinc Cities Live Intern, KSTP

Twin Cities Live Interns: Spring, 2015


Primary duties consist of but may not be limited to: researching stories, prepping the studio, logging field tapes, helping find studio audience members, updating the website and assisting producers with other various tasks. Opportunity to assist on field shoots and interact with the guests. May be asked to assist with promotional show events outside of the building.


  • Must be student enrolled in a degree program at a trade school, college or university which recognizes the internship for a class credit
  • A self-starter and thrive under the pressure of strict deadline
  • Excellent research and writing skills and the ability to work effectively in a team
  • A passion for local programming and storytelling is critical
  • Working knowledge of the internet and strong computer skills are essential
  • Reliable transportation, valid drivers license and safe driving record as determined by the Company preferred (driving record will be checked)
  • Must be able to perform the essential functions of the job. The Company will make reasonable physical accommodations to facilitate the ability to perform essential job functions.


Job# 91-14
3415 University Ave
St Paul, MN 55114
Fax: (651) 642-4314
No Telephone Calls Please

Events Intern Position

Events Intern with Christians for Biblical Equality

Students work with CBE staff to oversee ministry projects in their fields, and specific criteria required by colleges are considered and incorporated into intern job descriptions. Each intern job description is written to meet the needs of the student and CBE.

Position Summary: CBE is looking for an events intern that will assist CBE’s Events and Conference Coordinator in carrying out conference tasks. This position can be either full or part-time.
Hours Required: An internship is generally 120 or more hours per quarter/semester, working 10–12 hours or more per week. CBE may be able to offer a $350 stipend per 120 hours worked.

Location: 122 W. Franklin Ave, Suite 218. Minneapolis, MN 55404
Reports to: Events Coordinator
Sample Responsibilities:
• Research organizations to market the conference
• Research prices for conference items
• Analyze the results of registration surveys
• Assist with research for domestic and international conferences
• Assist with researching future conference locations
• Assist with researching conference speakers
• Research and implement new and effective marketing strategies for the conference


• Help implement and create marketing strategy for CBE’s annual conference
• Assist with online marketing of the conference
• Assist with social media
• Assist with editing the conference web pages
• Enter new organizations and registrations into Raisers Edge database
• Enter registrants of the conference into Raiser’s Edge Database
• Assist with monitoring conference budget
• Assist with other general administrative projects as needed
• Create Survey for conference attendees
• Assist with communication with conference attendees
• Assist with conference timeline and schedule
• Coordinate conference volunteers

Passionate about CBE’s mission
Preferred skills:, organization, time management, communication, works well with others, creative, resourceful, passionate, detailed oriented, flexible, strategic
Preferred Majors: Marketing, management, Nonprofit, public relations, communications, business, Youth, Ministry
Preferred classes: finance, sales, marketing, business management, negotiation, communications, ministry, youth

Affirmation of CBE’s Mission Statement
This position does require that the intern wholeheartedly endorse the CBE Statement of Faith. See

• The Events Intern has the authority to make decisions to implement CBE’s core values, mission, and vision as outlined by CBE’s policies and procedures.

Authority Limits
• Makes decisions within the framework of the job description.
• All changes in policies and procedures are made in conjunction with the Events Coordinator.
• Will not allow any operational practice that is unethical or brings harm or shame or the organization.

Please go to and fill out an intern application. Submit your application along with your resume to Georgia at NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE

Looking for a job or internship? Check out the semester’s largest Career Fair Oct. 24

The Government and Nonprofit Career Fair is Friday, October 24. This fair has a wide variety of jobs and internships for students and alumni of all majors. Typically, more organizations register during an election year, so we estimate that nearly 100 organizations will be represented this year.


  1. Aeon
  2. Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union
  3. Air Force Reserve
  4. Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE)
  5. AmeriCorps NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps)
  6. Amicus – Volunteers of America – MN
  7. Bard College Globalization and International Affairs Program
  8. Camphill Communities of North America
  9. Catholic Charities of the Diocese of St. Cloud
  10. City of Lakes AmeriCorps
  11. City of Madison Police Department
  12. City of Minneapolis
  13. City Year
  14. College Possible
  15. Community Connections Partnership
  16. Community Involvement Programs
  17. Conservation Corps MN & IA
  18. Consumer Financial Protection Agency & Partnership for Public Service
  19. Dakota County
  20. Dakota County Sheriff’s Office-Dentention Services
  21. Department of Veterans Affairs
  22. Federal Bureau of Investigation
  23. Federal Bureau of Prisons – Sandstone
  24. Federal Bureau of Prisons – Waseca
  25. Federal Executive Board of MN
  26. Federal Medical Center
  27. Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
  28. Fraser
  29. Friends of the Earth Action
  30. Hammer
  31. Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies
  32. Hennepin County
  33. Hiawatha Academies
  34. Homeward Bound, Inc.
  35. ISD 622- North St. Paul, Maplewood, Oakdale
  36. Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation
  37. Lutheran Volunteer Corps
  38. Marine Corps Officer Program
  39. Memorial Blood Centers
  40. Metropolitan State University
  41. Mille Lacs Academy
  42. Minneapolis Urban Scholars
  43. Minnesota Alliance with Youth
  44. Minnesota Army National Guard
  45. Minnesota Department of Corrections
  46. Minnesota Department of Human Services
  47. Minnesota Department of Transportation
  48. Minnesota Disability Determination Services
  49. Minnesota Literacy Council
  50. Minnesota Reading Corps and Math Corps
  51. Minnesota Veterans Home, Minneapolis
  52. MN Association of County Probation Officers (MACPO)
  53. National Coalition For Men, Twin Cities Chapter
  54. New Life Family Services
  55. New Sector Alliance
  56. Office of Governor Mark Dayton
  57. Office of Senator Al Franken
  58. Office of the Minnesota Attorney General
  59. Opportunity Partners
  60. Opportunity Services
  61. Peace Corps
  62. People Incorporated
  64. Second Judicial District
  65. Senator Klobuchar Office
  66. South Metro Human Services
  67. Southeast Como Improvement Association
  68. St Joseph Worker Program
  69. Student Conservation Association
  70. The Sanneh Foundation
  71. Toastmasters International – District 6
  72. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  73. U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services
  74. University of Minnesota’s Technological Leadership Institute
  75. University of South Dakota
  76. USDA Forest Service
  77. USDA-Agriculture Research Service
  78. USDA-APHIS-Animal Care
  79. USDA-APHIS-Veterinary Services
  80. Volunteers of America
  81. Winona State University
  82. WorldTeach
  83. YouthWorks

Networking Training & Events

Networking is one of the most successful ways you can secure your next big job. Here are two events that will give you the opportunity to put your networking to work.

Bethel’s BBEA group is sponsoring a networking training event Oct. 23 from 6:00-7:30 in the Underground. Business Networking International will be there, teaching participants how to use networking strategies to secure that most excellent job. The event is free and open to all Bethel students.

If you already have some networking skills down, here is an event designed for individuals seeking jobs in Advertising, Marketing & PR.  Consider attending this mentorship event held by AdFed Minnesota on Oct. 23 at the 508 Restaurant and Bar in Minneapolis from 5:30-7:30.  The cost is $15. “The Ad Fed Mentorship Circle is a program designed to engage individuals with industry professionals by gathering them in a casual group setting. This event allows industry professionals to offer insight into their areas of expertise and share their journey along the way. These professionals are knowledgeable, experienced, enthusiastic and committed to supporting the professional development of mentees.” For more information, visit their website at