Announcing the New Bethel Libraries Website

There is a Yiddish saying that “troubles overcome are good to tell”. The same is certainly true for “projects completed” – they are at least as good to tell about.

It has required a lot of time, and the dedicated efforts of at least a dozen people, but today marks the launch of Bethel’s new library website. And I am pleased and honored to be able to tell you why this is a very big deal, and very happy news.

First, beginning today all our libraries’ resources are accessible through one site, instead of several. You will want to change your bookmark from or to

Second,the Web has been around now for almost 2 decades, and if there’s one thing we have all learned it is that for web pages to be any good they need to be dynamic; that it makes no sense to treat web content like print content (where there is such a thing as “final form”). All of our libraries’ webpages were long overdue for redesign, and our new version is not only much better integrated, but is also more consistent with Bethel’s overall web design. You’ll like the difference right away. And our goal is for this new site to be in a continuous state of improvement.

Third, this new “window” into our resources introduces many new features, which include:

  • Streamlined presentation and organization of resources
  • Enhanced search features
  • Better access points for our many databases
  • Improved communication re: library events, services, and programs
  • And much more

This is your invitation to visit our new web-address soon and frequently.

Questions welcome!


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