Google Maps…Indoors

Every Friday, we’ll post an interesting tidbit relating to Bethel found in our archives, campus or on the web. Today’s Friday Find focuses on a new (to me) feature in Google Maps.

Google Maps Screenshot

Are you lost at Bethel or just want to know where your new class is? If you’re trying to get to the 1st, 3rd or 4th floor of the HC, RC, CC or BC, you’re in luck. Google Maps also shows the insides of buildings! Your mileage may vary depending on what you use to look at the maps. On mobile devices, Google Maps allows you to switch between floors. However, on a laptop/desktop you are left to the whims of Google as to which floor it displays (as far as I can tell).  If your GPS is enabled, it even shows you generally where you are in the buildings. What do you think, creepy or cool? Check it out and let us know.



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