We could have been the Beavers

Every Friday, we’ll post an interesting tidbit relating to Bethel found in our archives, campus or on the web. This week’s post comes from the Clarion archives found online.

Ah, the things you can learn from perusing old Clarions. I did not know until coming across this Indian Arrows column that the Bethel Royals used to be known as the Bethel Indians.

Indian Arrows column article

After further exploration, I found that both the name of Bethel’s sports teams and our school colors changed in 1952. But it could have gone differently. According to the following article excerpt from October 3, 1952, other names under consideration were the Falcons and Beavers. A student poll revealed the blue and gold won over green and gold by a vote of 130-100.

Whatsit Gonna Be Article

I, for one, am glad we ended up the Royals. It seems like it would be much more difficult for someone to skate around in a Falcon or Beaver costume.

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