Learn a Language, Talk Like a Pirate

Just not at the same time. Preferably. This Friday find is inspired by TWO things going on. I’m sure you all know yesterday was Talk Like a Pirate Day. If you did not participate because you unsure of the appropriate vernacular, have no fear: Mango Languages be here for you. You, too, can be prepared for next year’s event.

Learn to call someone names, express surprise, give sailing commands & more.

If talking like a pirate doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps learning the basics of a new language will. I noticed in this week’s E-announcement that Interim study abroad applications are due on the 20th. If not knowing the language of the country you want to visit is holding you back, try Mango Languages. It’s a web-based language learning tool similar to Rosetta Stone. Unlike Rosetta Stone, it won’t cost you anything and can be accessed on a desktop browser or mobile app. It also has 61 language courses to choose from. Well, 62 if you include pirate.

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