Of Lily Pads and Ice Sculptures

Back in the distant past when information wasn’t linked so strongly to a photo by tag, caption or exif data, there lies a whole world of mystery photos. My first taste of this world came from a National Geographic Blog called FOUND where they post photos found in their archives that have never been previously published. I happened upon this photo:

Image courtesy of National Geographic

Even though National Geographic is in the business of photos and knows the general date and photographer, we still don’t know who these people are or why, for example, a dog is on a rocking chair on a lily pad.

The world of mystery photos includes a large part of Bethel’s Digital Library. I present to you Mystery Photo #1:

Image courtesy of the Bethel University Digital Library

We have no idea when, where or why this photo exists or even who took it. I’m not even sure what type of animal this is. Squirrel? Goose? Badger? Princess Kay? If you know anything about this photo, please pass on the info!

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