The Game of Life


Remember the clicking noise of the spinning dial and the excitement of waiting to see which number the pointer will land on? There is so much ahead of you! So many spaces to land on before you draw your career as an artist or police officer, or cash in your $100,000 paychecks. Before you purchase your Dutch Colonial house or house on the beach. Before your little plastic mini van is overflowing with pink and blue peg babies.

Before all that, you will land on a few spaces where you collect your LIFE cards. You may compose a symphony, build a better mousetrap, or even invent a new ice-cream flavor.

Well, the Friends of the Bethel University Library are giving you the opportunity to collect a unique LIFE card. If you submit a past research project you have worked on for one of your courses, write a short essay by February 15, 2014, and the judges pick you as the winner, you can proudly accept the little yellow card (and a check) that states, “Won library research prize! Collect $250”

Towards the end of the winding paths of life, you will count your paydays and LIFE cards and relax at The Countryside Acres or enjoy being spoiled at the Millionaire Estates. Either way, wouldn’t it be sweet to receive a LIFE card before the rest of this crazy game we call LIFE really takes off?!

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