Preparing and Sharing Bethel Faculty Research Throughout the Research Lifecycle

With the beginning of the fall semester for the College of Arts and Sciences and the September 3 Celebration Chapel, Bethel faculty will enter the Benson Great Hall dressed in their “regalia” or academic robes. These robes demonstrate the great effort to achieve success in their chosen discipline and their presence at Bethel shows their commitment to sharing what they have learned with students while continuing to do some research themselves.

Students, have you ever been curious about what that journey is like and what Bethel faculty have published or created in their careers? Faculty, have you ever been preparing for a research grant and run into questions about what you will do with your data during and beyond the project? Have you wanted to share the products of your research or creative labor more widely and been frustrated by the accessibility of your work from the chosen publisher?

At the College of Arts and Sciences faculty retreat in August 2014, librarians Kent Gerber and Michael Mitchell discussed how the library is addressing these questions as they occur within this model of the research lifecycle.

Research Lifecycle

Research Lifecycle with Library Services

Emerging trends they discuss include the options the Bethel Library provides for a repository of Bethel’s scholarship and creative work, how funding bodies like the National Science Foundation (NSF) now require data management plans with any grant proposals, and better library search tool, called Summon, that includes more library resources in one place than ever before.

See the full presentation online Preparing and Sharing Your Research Throughout the Research Lifecycle

Resources mentioned in the presentation:

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