The department is pleased to introduce our newest faculty member, Professor Joel Ward.  He is teaching classes for the department while Dr. Nancy Brule, Dr. Artie Terry, and Dr. Peggy Kendall are all on sabbatical.  We asked Professor Ward to write up a little bit about himself (and he actually did it!!). Help us welcome Professor Ward to Bethel!

“I am originally from Western Pennsylvania and have lived there most of my life. I do love the rolling hills of my home especially in the fall when the leaves change. My wife, Tabi, is also from Western PA and we were married there in a little town called Beaver Falls. We have one daughter, Helen, and my wife is pregnant with our second. We hope to have more children but no more than will fit in an ordinary minivan. The first four of the eight years that I was living outside of my home state I was in Huntington, Indiana attending the then Huntington College. It has since become a University although I am sure this reflects its size. The second four years I was living abroad in the country of Bangladesh working for a small relief and development agency called Mennonite Central Committee. There I was doing community livestock research helping however I could to increase farm outputs for very poor Bengali farmers. Learning another language and trying to teach illiterate people made me interested in problems of communication. I am currently finishing a Ph.D. from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh PA that explores the relationship between authority and personality. When I am not pursuing questions of communication I am walking, playing with my daughter, riding a bike, playing a game of croquet with Tabi, or drinking a cup of coffee.”

Professor Ward hangs out down by the Business department in an unmarked office (AC226A).  If you have a minute, stop by and welcome him to Bethel.