Andrew Gess Ph.D. will be traveling to Florida to present a paper at the 98th Annual National Communication Association Convention.  The NCA serves the scholars, teachers, and practitioners who are members by encouraging and supporting their professional interests.  The annual convention is the largest event that the NCA puts on for its members and involves thousands of Communication scholars from around the world.  It is a place where scholars get together to talk about research and writing.

Dr. Gess’ paper was chosen in a highly competitive process of blind review.  On November 15, he will present his paper “Ideographs: Community Organizers and Community Inhibitors” as part of a panel that talks about how words create community but also work against the relationships in the community. The paper he is presenting is inspired by his dissertation entitled “Ideographic Criticism.” It examines the use of ideographs or “devil-terms” and how their use actually makes it more difficult to discuss complicated issues by creating greater polarization between parties.

The presentations can also be found online for members who are not able to make the Florida trip.  Not only is Dr. Gess actively involved in the NCA he is also involved in the RCA the Religious Communication Association that will be meeting at the same time. The RCA is where scholars of all faiths get together to share and fellowship with the common interest of communication.  Dr. Gess is honored to be part of the NCA convention. He will be joined in Florida by Dr. Brule, Dr. Smith, Dr. Dreher, and Professor Ward.

Anyone, including students and alumni, can become a member of the NCA! Check out their website to get more information about the program and other events they hold.