Our forensics’ team once again dominates the national tournament for Christian Colleges.

Bethel had a successful tournament this year at Christian College Nationals –
the team was 2nd in our entry division in individual events, and had
19 finalists, 3 semifinalists, and 8 individual sweepstakes awards.

For those wondering why some of our students received two sweepstakes
awards: speech sweepstakes counts only individual events; individual
sweepstakes include  individual events, debate and Readers’ Theater.
In all, there are 16 different events in which students can
participate, and students had to be in a minimum of 3 or 4 events to
be considered for the sweepstakes awards.

2nd place – Team Individual Sweepstakes – Division I (large entry)
3rd place – Novice Speech Sweepstakes – Emma Beecken
4th place – Novice Speech Sweepstakes – Sam Schedler
9th place – Novice Speech Sweepstakes – Kelsey Widman
10th place – Novice Speech Sweepstakes – Samantha Stocker
6th place – Open Speech Sweepstakes – Sophie Nagle
4th place – Novice Individual Sweepstakes – Emma Beecken
7th place – Novice Individual Sweepstakes – Sam Schedler
7th place – Open Individual Sweepstakes – Sophie Nagle

1st place – Novice After Dinner – Sam Schedler
2nd place – Novice Impromptu – Emma Beecken
2nd place – Faith Literature – Sophie Nagle
3rd place – Novice Impromptu – Zach Goscha
3rd place – Novice Persuasion – Emma Beecken
4th place – Novice After Dinner – Kelsey Widman
4th place – Open Impromptu – Abby Stocker
5th place – Novice Impromptu – Katlyn Humrichouse
5th place – Open After Dinner – Micah Tweeten
5th place – Open Dramatic Interp – Sophie Nagle
5th place – Novice Dramatic Interp – Sam Schedler
5th place – Open Poetry – Sophie Nagle
5th place – Novice Informative – Emma Beecken
5th place – Open Communication Analysis – Samantha Stocker (and top novice)
5th place – Open Persuasion – Micah Tweeten
6th place – Open After Dinner – Abby Stocker
6th place – Novice Informative – Tom Ritter
6th place – Open Persuasion – Alicia Waters
6th place – Novice Program Oral Interp – Kelsey Widman
Semifinals – Open Impromptu – Matt Sundquist
Semifinals – Novice Impromptu – Tom Ritter
Semifinals – Open Parli Debate – Tom Monson/Matt Sundquist
5th place – JV Parli Speaker – Tom Ritter
10th place – JV Parli Speaker – Zach Goscha

In addition to the names already mentioned, Kyle Arvila, Stephanie
Melhaff and Kelly Soller also competed and contributed toward the
team’s success.

The Spring semester has been very successful; in addition to Christian
College Nationals, the team has taken team sweepstakes awards at the
Valley Forensics League tournaments, St. Cloud State, and South Dakota
State. The team has been in more final rounds than ever before and has
earned nearly 120 awards this year.

The team’s coaching staff also includes Jessica Samens, our Assistant
Director of Forensics, as well as Lacy Larson and Chasity Gunn,
assistant coaches.

The team’s next tournaments will be the National Parliamentary Debate
Association national tournament at the University of the Pacific and
the American Forensic Association national tournament at Hutchinson
Community College.