Heidi Czlapinski, a recent graduate from the Communication Studies department, is headed for the University of Missouri on a Communication Studies fellowship in the Terrorism and Disaster Center.

As Brian Houston, the director of the center, described its purpose: “The center focuses mostly on child, family, and community disaster mental health, and then key to this is the role of communication (in terms of media coverage, strategic public communication, family
communication, etc.). The graduate fellow would basically be a research assistant on projects related to the center (which includes a lot of different things, such as school disaster interventions in a community that recently experienced a tornado, community resilience projects, disaster mental health public awareness efforts, etc.).”
Heidi’s unique background in both psychology and media communication
made her a perfect fit for the fellowship.

Heidi’s fellowship is a 4-year fellowship that will allow her to get her doctorate in communication studies.

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