34 Bethel students attended the CSCA Conference

CSCA Convention: Communicating the Possible

The Central States Communication Association held their annual conference this year in Kansas City. The conference theme this year was “transformative communication.”

The CSCA is known for hosting some of the top Communication departments in the country. The annual conference allows scholars to share their research and discuss important topics in the field. CSCA also hosts an undergraduate honors conference at the same time as the main conference, allowing students to present their work at a prestigious regional conference and creating networking opportunities for graduate school.  According to department chair Nancy Brule, Bethel has an excellent reputation for undergraduate research at the conference.

Chris Lund won a top paper award for "Narrative Analysis of Refugee Spray-Painted Murals.”

This year 36 Bethel students attended the conference, which ran from April 4 through April 7.  Papers presented by Bethel students included “The Genre of the Meme,”  “Communication Styles, Relational Satisfaction, and Forgiveness,” “Effects of Disney Princess Movies on Women’s Perceptions of Love,” “Perceptions of Profanity in Interpersonal Relationships” and many other titles.

Vicki Long, Brooke Johnson, Emily Zlab, and Kory Keller won a top poster award for their poster “Vocal Impressions”

Vicki Long, Brooke Johnson, Emily Zlab, and Kory Keller won a top poster award for their poster “Vocal Impressions” and Chris Lund who won a top poster award for “Narrative Analysis of Refugee Spray-Painted Murals.”

The Bethel students who attended the conference returned excited about the field of Communication and their role in Communication research.  Here’s what some of them said about the conference:

“During the 2013 CSCA conference I have gained a great appreciation for the field of communication as a whole, but more so the Bethel department specifically. I realized in talking with other undergraduate and graduate students how privileged I really am to be a part of the Bethel Communication department. The work that we are being challenged to do with our research is far beyond what many other undergraduates are doing.” –Brooke Johnson

“One of the biggest perks of coming to conference has been the opportunity to meet with graduate schools and have the opportunity to speak with the chairs of the various departments. I was able to ask questions and interact with some of the individuals from the universities. … I want to go to graduate school and eventually become a communication scholar; this experience was very beneficial, if not vital, to my goals for the future.” –Emily Zlab

“Both papers were well received and my group and I received wonderful feedback, timely criticism, and encouragement for possible future research and publications.” –Zac Bush

“Over the course of the weekend, I met amazing experts, discussed relevant communication issues, strengthened relationships with my colleagues, and developed myself in ways that I haven’t even discovered yet.  Meeting esteemed scholars was the best part of this trip for me. Because I was from Bethel, these scholars were familiar with my program and the reputation that I have as a Bethel student: one with strong knowledge of the discipline and instructed by professors who are passionate about their students.”  –Austin Wilder

“For the first time, I was able to witness how my major is making a difference in this world – my eyes were opened to the studies that continue to be developed and are pushing the limits on how we can effectively communicate with our peers, romantic partners, and family members.” –Katie Rice

“After working as hard as I did on my paper with my group it was really fun to have others want to learn about what we did. I felt prepared and able to discuss what I had found with other scholars and felt privileged to have the opportunity to represent my school.” –Dayna Pitts