August 29, 2013 marks yet another historic event in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria. That is the day Bethel’s Communication Europe Term descended upon the city’s subways, trams, cathedrals, Asian pizza places, amusement parks, and Billa grocery stores.  Yes, Vienna will never be the same. Since arriving, our students have been studying German full time at the University of Vienna, right alongside students from around the world. Living in 3 dorms located in different corners of the city and sharing space with international students has been an excellent way to better understand culture, identity, group dynamics, and how to get a load of laundry done. From here, ET13 will be traveling to Prague, will be teaching English to high school students in Poland, will be studying community at the castle in the Alps, will be working on final projects in a small Croatian village, and will spend the last few weeks traveling through Milan, Paris, Geneva, Zermott, Florence and Rome. Studying Group Communication, Communication-Technology & Society, Intercultural Communication, and German just seems to work much better when there is a little apfelstruedel on the side.