Minors in Communication

Minor in Communication Studies

  • COM210 Perspectives on Human Communication
  • COM220 Group Communication
  • COM370 Interpersonal Communication

Choose from:

  • COM318 Argumentation and Debate
  • COM386 Advanced Public Speaking

Choose from:

  • COM348 Organizational Communication
  • COM355Z* Intercultural Communication
  • COM361  Rhetorical Criticism

Elective from 200-level or above communication courses

TOTAL      21-23 credits

Minor in Digital Film and Video for Actors

  • COM170A* Media Production I
  • COM210 Perspectives on Human Communication
  • COM305A* Screenwriting
  • THA100N* Creative Performance
  • THA313 Auditioning and Acting for the Camera

Choose two from:

  • COM301A* Oral Interpretation
  • COM373 Digital Filmmaking
  • COM461 Topics in Media: Storytelling or Directing
  • THA212 Voice Production
  • THA291L* Theatre in the Modern Age
  • THA330 Arts Entrepreneurship
  • THA405 Directing

TOTAL      23-25

Minor in Media Production

  • COM170A*   Media Production I
  • COM210  Perspectives on Human Communication
  • COM213  Media Communication
  • COM302 Media Law

Choose three from:

  • COM215  Web Design for Mass Media or COM315 Advanced Web Design for Mass Media
  • COM270 Media Production II
  • COM305A* Screenwriting
  • COM352 Broadcast Journalism
  • COM373 Digital Filmmaking
  • COM374 Broadcast Production
  • COM461 Topics in Media