Independent Film Making Major

Major in Independent Filmmaking (B.A.)

Communication Core:

COM210  Perspectives on Human Communication
COM213  Media Communication
COM363  Methods of Communication Research

Choose one Relational Communication courses:

  • COM220            Group Communication
  • COM322            Advanced Group Communication
  • COM370            Interpersonal Communication

Filmmaking Core:a

  • COM170A* Media Production I
  • COM270  Media Production II
  • COM302  Media Law
  • COM305A*  Screenwriting
  • COM373 Digital Filmmaking
  • COM461 Topics in Media
  • FLM200  Introduction to Film
  • PHI310   Aesthetics
  • COM493 Capstone: Independent Filmmaking and Media Production

Choose one Communication Analysis course:

  • FLM300  Film Theory and Interpretation
  • COM375 Media Criticism and Theory

Total Major Credits:  55-56

* A student may also choose to use this course to meet a General Education requirement.

a Los Angeles Film Studies Center [LAFSC] option equivalencies:

  • Hollywood Production Workshop (COM373)
  • Faith & Artistic Development in Film (elective)
  • Professional Screenwriting (COM305A)
  • Internship: Inside Hollywood (6 credits) (COM481 and COM461 (3 credits))
  • One course from:
  • Narrative Storytelling (COM461 Topics: Storytelling, elective)
  • Professional Acting for the Camera (elective)
  • Independent Study (elective)