New Majors in the Communication Studies’ Department

The Communication Studies Department is proud to announce new and improved majors that will take effect Fall, 2014. Here is an overview of some of the changes. (To view the specific requirements, click on the name of the major):

New Majors:

  • Organizational Communication (with emphases in Strategic Communication, Event Management, and Employee Communication)
  • Highlights include: A Strategic Communication track helping students specialize in Public Relations, Strategic Social Media, and Marketing; An Event Management track preparing students to organize and manage events in a way that integrates interpersonal relationships, public relations, and business management tools; an Employee Communication track that equips students for work in people-intensive fields such as recruiting, consulting, and management
  • Independent Filmmaking
  • Highlights include: Increased training in digital storytelling and advanced filmmaking techniques as well as study in aesthetics and film theory. This major works well with a semester at the LA Film Studies Center

Revised Majors:

  • Communication Studies (Emphasis in Relational Communication and a newly organized emphasis in Rhetoric and Public Influence)
  • Changes include:  a removal of COM110N Basic Communication and lab requirements.  Relational Communication now includes an Internship requirement. The Rhetoric and Public Influence emphasis also includes a new L course and new advanced courses in Rhetorical theory.
  • Media Production
  • Changes include:  COM110N Basic Communication and lab requirements have been removed. There is also more training in production techniques such as audio and lighting.

New Minor:

  • Digital Film and Video for Actors
  • Highlights include: a creative combination of Theater and Communication courses that will help prepare actors for a career on the screen.

For a printable PDF file of majors and minors, click here:  Communication Studies Majors-Minors