In an attempt to communicate the status of the web redesign project, we wanted to spend some time recapping where we’ve been and where we are headed.

Where we’ve come from

The past month has been very busy for our team. On top of managing the day to day tasks that come our way we’ve also worked on several redesign projects. The past month and a half looked something like this:

  • 4/14 – 4/16 Onsite stakeholder interviews
  • 4/28 Intake with steering committee
  • 5/7 – 5/8 Wireframing with mStoner in Chicago
  • 5/15 Wishlist meeting with CAS admissions and academic departments
  • 5/17- 5/20 Strategy document work
  • 5/20 Wishlist meeting with SEM admissions and academic departments
  • 5/21 Intake with Web Services and presentation of strategy document to the presidents strategy team
  • 5/28 Wishlist meeting with CAPS/GS admissions
  • 6/3 Worked with the library on possible internal and external templates
Where we are headed

We have a lot of things to do. In the weeks to come we will be focused on:

  • 6/8 – 6/15 Creating a collective wishlist
  • 6/10 Launching new technical infrastructure
  • 6/8 – 6/23 Working on the internal architecture of the new site
  • 6/23 -6/24 Onsite user testing with mStoner
  • 6/30 Second draft of the strategy document prepped for presentation