All summer we’ve been busy preparing Silva for the redesign.  The upgrade to Silva 2.1 was just the start.  We have a number of improvements still to make, and few that are finished and ready to deploy.  This week three enhancements will be deployed to improve existing features:

  1. A popup calendar for date/time entry.  No need to remember that Silva uses an international date format — now simply navigate and click on the desired date in the pop up calendar.
  2. Dynamic reference entry. Some external sources have properties that allow references to other Silva objects to be placed using the Silva Lookup Window.  These properties are now more compact utilizing the search and edit icons that are present in the link tool.  Additionally, those properties which support multiple references will have a separate row for each reference.  Example: "Embed Silva Content"
  3. Bethel-Layout metadata updates.  The Bethel-Layout metadata set had a number of properties that were checkboxes.  These are now radio button sets which enable authors to set the property as inherited, yes, or no.  Previously it was not possible to set a property as ‘no’ if a parent folder or publication had the same property set to ‘yes’.
  4. Upgrade of the "Embed a Silva Document" external source.  This external source, instrumental in enabling complex page layouts, is being upgraded.  Highlights include a new name "Embed Silva Content", the ability to embed multiple items within the same source, and styling for both the container and each capsule.