After sending 35,000 surveys and receiving a record number of responses, the results are in:

Design Concept 2

Concept two resonated with the Bethel community as the best fit for the new website.

Concept two will be the face of Bethel’s new website.

The survey revealed great information about messages, designs, and how they fit together. Plus, you provided helpful feedback on how the concepts spoke to you and how well you felt they represented our community.

Record-setting survey

In the survey process, our community (prospective students, current students, employees, parents, and alumni) set two records for redesign firm mStoner.

First, we hit a record number for survey responses—mStoner has never seen so many people give feedback on a redesign survey. Second, they have never seen there be such a clear consensus—across all groups.

Some of your general comments about concept two include:

  • “It’s about the student, the community, and the transformation of a student as a partner of the community.”
  • “It feels like there is a plan and a place for me.”
  • “It tells me that Bethel is a process… I really get a sense of the transformation journey.”
  • “Bethel helps you become who you are meant to be.”

A winning combination

When asking questions about messages separately from design, our community had a range of preferences. But when asking about design and messaging paired together, mStoner has never seen a concept score so highly.

The combination of message and design on concept two seemed to have a powerful effect that resonated across our community.

Learn more about our survey results.

What’s next

Web Services will work with mStoner to refine and improve concept two until it will serve as the best foundation for the new site.

We’ll continue to keep you posted, so check back soon. Finally, a big thank you to all of you who took the record-setting survey—it just shows what an awesome community we have here at Bethel.