As Phase I for content is coming to an end, we are closing in on getting our top-level content loaded, styled, and linked. Web Services is working hard to complete the task of helping visitors find what they need from our four schools on the web. As we reach our launch date of May 22, 2010 for our top-level content, we realize that you’ll likely have questions.

Keep an eye out for our announcements through E-announcements and blog posts—you may even see an email.

What will actually be launched on the May 22?

As Kelsey explains in the 49,000 webpages post, top-level pages will roll out first. I’ll actually just take the words right from her post. She explains ”top-level” as, “…content that helps visitors get a good first impression of the university as a whole. We’ll also begin working deeper into areas like admissions and academics that are most hit by prospective students.” Check out more details on the content phases.

What about the page(s) you may edit or maintain?

Current Silva authors should be aware of their launch date or content phase. You’ll receive communication from our team when your time is approaching. We’ll move some of the “old” content right into the new site but most pages will be brand new or heavily revised. How will visitors find your pages? Links and navigation will still point to current pages until new webpages are launched.

Who will get trained? How? And when?

Silva training is currently being revamped to provide a more effective, efficient, and helpful training process. Training will be available soon after May 22 for authors maintaining top-level continuously-changing content that is in the new site. As more and more webpages are launched, we’ll train authors accordingly.

What should I do if I find something broken?

Please submit any questions to our web services form and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

As we continue this process of launching a new website and launching new webpages, we will try our best to communicate where we’re at and where we’re heading. We understand there will be challenges and we will work hard to review and accommodate questions or concerns as needed. Continue to check out our blog for more information as we approach our launch date of May 22.