How are we doing?

So we’re just over a year from the launch of our site and we’ve been measuring our progress fairly closely.

It’s been a long year trying to rewrite a majority of our content. For anyone who has done this before you know it’s simply hard. I often get the question why can’t we just copy content from our old site to our new one? In fact, if I’m honest, I’ve asked myself that same question.

That’s why its important to have a way of measuring your efforts–a way of evaluating the impact that your work is making on your website audience.

In our case this is what keeps me going, through the difficult process. After a year of plowing forward–some days in miles but most days in inches–our site visits are up, our pageviews are up, and virtually every other key indicator points toward success.

Visits: + 58.85%
Pageviews: + 92.38%
Pages/Visit: + 21.11%
Bounce Rate: – 26.69%
Average Time on Site: + 51.30%

What does all this mean? It means that the team and all community members who have contributed have done an exceptional job at reworking our content. A year ago we didn’t show up on the first page of search results for the term “christian university” and today we are #2, just below Colorado Christian, who has the search term in their name.

All these things a indicators that we are headed in the right direction, even if the going at times feels slow. It shows that it’s worth it to put hard work into the words on your webpages, to think about the visors who will be using them, and to make sure all that we do is sustainable for the long haul.