Most of us know that working on the web is hard. Competing priorities from clients, managing the expectations of people who don’t understand technology, and the increasing rate of change all contribute to it’s challenges. Most days I leave with more to do then I got done, and yet I love it. Why? Here are three reasons:

1. There is always something new. Yesterday I got to work with our friends at Capture Studios, who produced amazing video documenting our new student move-in. Today, I’m creating strategy for our responsive website design and tomorrow…well, who knows?

2. This crazy environment attracts really smart people. I have one of the most talented teams I know of and they’re all really brilliant at what they do. I count it a privilege to work every day with such bright people who are so committed to fulfilling our institution’s mission.

3. What we do is significant. We create things that affect people’s experiences, shape decisions, and even, dare I say, alter history. Most of us don’t think of it that way because when we’re in the daily grind, we just see it as content, graphics, or html. But as a whole, collectively, it’s a system—and a pretty important one at that.

So despite the challenges, today is a good day and I’m glad I work on the web.