I mentioned a couple weeks ago in my post on The Anatomy of an Email that we had a new friend we would be announcing soon. Well, today is the day. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Carlyle Delivers.

Carlyle Delivers Logo

Yep, he's an ice cream cone who rocks a monocle.

What is Carlyle Delivers?

Short answer, Carlyle sends beautiful HTML emails that work in a wide variety of email clients and on your phone, iPad, or computer. If you receive Bethel eNews or the Royal Recap, you’ve already seen Carlyle in action. Last year’s Christmas video and email was also made possible by Carlyle.

What can it do?

What can’t it do? Well, it can’t write a good email for you and it can’t make people respond. But, it can help make your email better and hopefully encourage more people to respond. Some of the great features of Carlyle:

  • Beautiful email templates. They look great—and they’re easy to use. Drop in a photo or two, add some content, and get your message out. We’re starting with some great reusable templates and plan on adding some additional ones as we reveal Bethel’s new visual identity next year.
  • Usable response data. Wonder if people are reading your emails? Maybe you’re not even sure if they’re receiving it. Carlyle can let you know if your message was successfully delivered, opened, and if the recipient clicked on any of the links (you do have a link or two, right?).
  • No-fuss lists. If you’ve sent out a large email from Bethel before, you know it tends to be a lot of work to pull together and finalize your list of email addresses. That’s why we’ve integrated Carlyle Delivers with Banner. All you have to do is run a simple Argos report to pull your list of email addresses and any data you’d like to include in the email (name, grad year, etc).
  • Automatic unsubscribes and bounces. If you’ve been to email training or seen You’re Probably Spamming and Don’t Even Know It, you’ll remember the strict federal requirements about bounces and unsubscribes. Carlyle handles all of this. A recipient can unsubscribe with one click and it is automatically recorded in Banner for next time. Bounced email addresses are inactivated automatically, too.

Ready to go?

We spent quite a while testing and launched Carlyle in stages over the past 10 months. Just this month we moved to Carlyle for alumni, parent, and donor emails—all made possible by Eric Moberg, Sandy Gritzmacher, and Lisa Carlson who have been instrumental in the web development and Banner integration.

By Thanksgiving we’ll have admissions and Church Ministries in there too. Carlyle will be used much more exclusively for those areas, so we started with them.  As for our current students and employees—you’ll see some Carlyle emails come your way, but sometimes a plain text email is all you need.

Want to know more?

If you’re a part of the Bethel community and think Carlyle might be great for your office, department, or program, send an email over to web-services@bethel.edu. We’re working on some more information about how to use Carlyle, but in the mean time we’d be glad to chat.

If you’re an institution who uses the Banner ERP or would like to know more about how we integrated our systems with a great product from our friends at Campaign Monitor, just let me know.