We’re constantly working to improve Bethel’s website. Sometimes we make big changes and sometimes small ones, but every day we show up and work to give our users a better experience.

One of the projects we’ve been working on recently is a new header and footer. We’ve learned a lot about our current navigation from user testing, heat maps, and analytics. So we used that information to make some improvements. Here are a few of the major changes:

Smaller header

One of our goals was to surface our web content higher on the page. This new header is much thinner and doesn’t require an image. This gives us flexibility to present content closer to the top of the page within the more functional areas of Bethel’s website.

Reorganized footer

To shrink the header, we needed to reorganize our navigation, shorten terms, and make more space in our footer. Our expanded footer also allowed us to surface tools and resources most used by our community.

Link to offices

After tracking and analyzing our search logs, we noticed that many repeat visitors are looking for a specific office. Our new header now includes a link for offices right next to our search to give visitors a quick gateway to a directory of Bethel offices.

New search

Along with the navigation updates, we’ve also implemented a new and  improved site search. To amplify the new search, we’ve created shortcuts within the search itself to provide you with a list of frequently used items. Hopefully this gets people to the information they’re looking for much faster.

Our goal is to continually improve the functionality of our site. We hope this improves your experience, and you can look forward to more changes to come.

If you have any questions, free to email us at web-services@bethel.edu.