Throughout the past year, Bethel’s been making plans to replace Silva with a new content management system (CMS). We’ve been working with our new system, Cascade, for about a month, and after countless hours of training, reading documentation, and experimenting, I think it might be safe to say we’re starting to feel confident.

You might might be thinking both Silva and Cascade just put words onto the internet, so how different can they be?

Great question.

It’s almost like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. On the inside, they couldn’t be more different. Silva is a square cartridge and Cascade is a round hole. It’s our task to move over parts of Silva until they are square and work “The Cascade Way”.

So far I’d say we are off to a good start. In the last month alone we have:

  • installed a fresh copy of Cascade
  • integrated it with Bethel Single Sign On
  • integrated basic pages, forms, and videos

To make things more complicated, each piece in Cascade is built using a ton of different parts (more on that in another post…). This means we’ve have to read, plan, experiment, and then read some more, all before we could even try and set up the most basic page we could imagine.

The good news is that if we set it up right, it will be simple to use. All the burden is on us to do things well so we make creating and editing pages as easy as possible. We’re excited for the task. And we’ll keep you posted on our progress.