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Web Development

The Responsive Image Challenge – Part 1

April 11, 2014 | 9:30pm

Images on the web used to be pretty simple. Upload your image to a server, throw the URL into an HTML <img> tag, and then it would appear on your page. No big deal. However, a lot has changed in the last two years. In 2007, Apple released the first-generation … Read More

High-Stakes LEGOs

March 14, 2014 | 8:42pm

Last week we mentioned that there are tons of parts that go into a single page in Cascade. It’s actually a little insane just how many different pieces there are. When we logged into our fresh Cascade install for the first time, it was overwhelming how empty it was. Read More

Fitting a Square Peg into a Round Hole

March 7, 2014 | 8:37pm

Throughout the past year, Bethel’s been making plans to replace Silva with a new content management system (CMS). We’ve been working with our new system, Cascade, for about a month, and after countless hours of training, reading documentation, and experimenting, I think it might be safe to say we’re starting … Read More

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